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About Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly Test is a tool that helps you check how well a website works on mobile devices. It's like Google's mobile friendly test, which calculates how good a site is for mobile users.

In recent years, Google started penalizing sites that aren't good for mobile users. They even made it part of how they rank sites. Since more people use mobiles to browse, it's crucial to ensure your site works well on them.

There are many tools online to test how mobile-friendly a site is. These tools give scores to show if your site is good for mobile users.

If you manage a website, you should make sure it's mobile-friendly. Google likes sites that load fast and look good on all devices. Making your site mobile-friendly not only helps users but also boosts your search engine ranking.

Use Google's mobile friendly test to see how your site scores. If it's not great, don't worry. You can still make improvements.

How Does Mobile Friendly Test Help?

More people now use phones to browse websites. So, it's crucial for websites to work well on all devices. Google knows this, which is why they made the mobile friendly test. It helps you see if your site is easy to use on mobiles.

Google gives webmasters a chance to fix any issues before they get punished. To fix things, you first need to test your site on mobiles. This shows how well your site performs on mobile devices. It helps you know what changes to make to get more visitors and better search results.

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Here are some tips to make your site better for mobile users:

  1. Create a mobile version of your site, either by yourself or with help, and then test it using Google's mobile friendly test.
  2. If you use Wordpress, use plugins to improve mobile experience. WPtouch is a good paid option.
  3. Use a responsive theme that works well on all devices.

Mobile Friendly Test by

At, we offer a useful mobile site test tool. It checks how well your site works on mobiles. Just enter your site's URL and click 'Submit' to get results in seconds.

After testing your site, you'll know where it needs improvements. You can also test competitors' sites to stay ahead.